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Where You Should Be Careful While Using Microwave Oven

There are many out there at present, which include my husband, who do not recall life before the microwave oven. Oh how everything has changed since then. Imagine using your stove or oven to reheat food. It is the perfect method to save time. Leftovers have always been great, but they have definitely got their appeal after microwave ovens have become popular in houses.

Lunches in the office have also changed because of the introduction of the microwave oven. You no more need to depend upon cafeteria food or going out in order to get a warm lunch. This is useful for people like me who do not prefer the brown bag sandwich lunch. Then there are the people who have become culinary experts on using the microwave oven and hardly use their stoves or regular ovens for cooking meals anymore.

When my mother-in-law was introduced to the built in microwave, she never turned back. Eggs, bacon, vegetables, pizza and so on all gets prepared in that microwave. It is just too quick and easy to try to do it any way. It is preferred to sacrifice the taste for the handiness. It still amazes me to see what things could go in there and what you could do.

As well as the microwave is convenient, though, you must be careful. The microwave oven is very temperamental and quite unforgiving. Occasionally setting your food for 20 seconds more and you might be left with something like a wooden piece. I recall the first time I reheated shrimp in there. Very little did I know how little period the shrimp needed to heat up.

Then there are the splotchy messes. In case you forgot to cover up your food, you know what I am referring to. Therefore, even with all the benefits of using the microwave oven, there are many negatives too. You simply need to weigh out what issues take priorities: save your time and enjoy a mushy pizza or have that nice crispy crust.

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