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What to keep in mind when choosing new bath tap!

You have probably purchased a new bath tub, or you are remodeling your bathroom. Obviously, a bath tap is the main accessory that will highlight the bath area. Before purchasing a bath tap, you need to consider several requirements. For instance, if the bath tub has pre-drilled holes, then the tap must be chosen accordingly. If there are no holes, you have a find the right place to fix the tap, such as the wall, the bathtub’s casing or deck. Then you can decide about the style and finish of the tap. Always keep in mind colour of your towel radiator valves, as the colours should match with your tap.

There are several types of bath taps, namely, shower taps, filler taps and waterfall taps. Standard taps are available in pairs for bath tubs that have two tap holes, and are used normally for all kinds of baths. Several styles are also available for baths that have three or four holes. In a three-hole fitting, two are used for hot and cold water, while the third is used for the water spout. In the case of a four-hole fitting, the fourth may be attached to a retractable hose for the shower head. Depending on the size of your small bath and your preference, you can decide on the tap holes.

Shower mixer taps are simple and elegant, and are gaining popularity in new homes. A real advantage of mixer taps is that they can be installed without disturbing much of the plumbing in the bathroom. They allow mixing of water within the tap body, enabling better temperature control. Filler taps are also equally good, and they can function efficiently even with low water pressure. They also offer the flexibility of filling and showering. Waterfall taps have a spout designed to send water cascades, and water flows into the spout after the mixing process. Pillar taps are tall and give a pleasant appearance.

Wall mounted bath taps require a professional installation and will look nice on your corner basin!. It requires an access panel, and the spout should be installed properly, to reach the tub without splashing on the floor. If you want the water pipes to be concealed in the wall, you must be prepared for some construction work as well. However, with a good plumbing service, it would be highly attractive and functional as well.

Coming to the material and finish, stainless steel is the most popular, economical, durable and rust-free. Polished bronze and brass with chrome and nickel plating are attractive as well. They are all available in glossy and matte finishes, with eye-catching designs, and your choice depends much on your budget.

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