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The Truth About A Chimney Damper

A chimney damper is located just above the firebox in the throat of the masonry chimney. A  chimney damper is a device that seals your fireplace shut when you are not using it to warm your home or just to light a romantic fire. This style damper was developed many years ago but still used to this day.

Be aware that if your damper is open or it leaks you could be sending your hard earned money right out the roof as this will  cost you hundreds of dollars in heating. Yes a warped chimney damper lid can leak year round making this matter much worse and costing the homeowner tons of money.

In recent years damper caps have become very popular and have proven to much more efficient. They are installed on top of your chimney outside. Most damper cap Companies create their seal by using a silicone rubber gasket with one exception – The HideAway Damper Cap. They use modern laser cutting technology to cut the lid and cap so when the chimney damper cap is closed a perfect bond is formed between the two pieces eliminating the need for toxic products like silicone.

The chimney dampers caps differ in appearance for instance one of the dampers locks on top when you close this damper you can barely see it the lid closes on top of the base itself, which also in turn protects from the rain.

Tests have shown most damper caps become difficult to open when snow and ice forms during harsh winter storms. However the HideAway Damper Cap proved to open easily during these tests.

Which ever product you choose make sure it will function properly for your needs and also maintain the integrity of your chimneys outside appearance . Also remember to have your chimney inspected annually by a reputable chimney sweep.

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