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The Reasons For You To Choose Hoover SteamVac F5914-900 For Your Cleaning Solution

When you feel that, a vacuum cleaner is only a regular machine to own and utilize, you are wrong. There can be more to home carpet cleaning than meets the eye, hence it is useful to use some time to search for the detail and discover the ideal carpet cleaner.

A popular company with long traditions and wonderful credibility named Hoover offers one of such solutions. The carpet cleaner, which will be reviewed, is called: Hoover SteamVac F5914-900.

Why should you prefer Hoover steam cleaner?

Allow me to share a few of them:

1. Dual tanks

2. Clean-Surge Feature

3. Heated Drying Feature

4. Size and Weight

5. Flexibility

One of the most important aspects of the particular Hoover steam cleaner is dual tank function. The one is used for the clean fresh water and detergent that will be used for cleaning and another one for the dirty water you pull up.

Want more? Thanks to clean surge function, it uses extra cleaning solution especially for persistent stains and heavy traffic areas, which can be done by pressing a button. After the stain is eliminated, you need to release the button and the vacuum will dry up the wet spot by releasing hot air.

Thanks to powerful 12 amp motor that Hoover steam cleaner F5914-900 has, which is sufficient for both cleaning carpets as well as suctioning the water from them, it applies heat to floor to quicken the drying period, so that your carpet may be used almost immediately.

This machine is also quite compact. It easily suits to several places when stored. It’s also lighter in comparison to some other similar vacuum cleaners.

Any time you purchase a carpet cleaner, it is good to prefer the one, that is not limited for cleaning carpets but could be also used for variety of places : on tile floors, on stairs and upholstered surfaces, in your car and other all-around house places. It should be equipped with a cord, long enough to easily access various places and parts of your house and a handle for easily adjusting its height for easy maneuvering.

The Hoover Steam Cleaner F5914-900 comes with a variety of attachments for your car and upholstery so that it can serve as an all-around cleaning device. It is also equipped with a power cord of 24 ft and an added hose that reaches about 8 ft that makes up a total of 32 feet. Apart from that, you also get a flooding handle for conveniently adjusting its height for easy maneuvering.

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