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The Different Kinds of Kitchen Countertop Options – Deciding On the Right Style For Your Needs

Deciding on the correct kitchen counter top is the perfect way to strengthen your existing cooking and eating spot. When you are ready to do a bit of refurbishing, this will be one of the main things to consider since you will be working with an existing setup. It is easy to get stressed out with so many options to choose from and many homeowners just don’t get the idea  what they must be thinking about when in the market for countertops. Following are five major kitchen countertop options that homeowners can install or have installed in a modern kitchen.

1. Natural Stone Counter Tops

Marble is the most conventional natural stone component used for designing counters for the kitchen. Granite, concrete and quartz are some of the other options. They are one of the most enduring options available and they are all appropriate for formal and sophisticated decors. For the environmentally conscious homeowner, these are a must!

2. Laminate Counter Tops

Laminate countertops seem to have increased in popularity in the most years and are often considered to be the leading option by many design pros. This kind of countertop can take on the design of natural stone but is more cost effective and very easy to look after. They are not difficult to install and the easiest to clean up as well. The reason they are very much in demand is because they save the cost of getting a natural stone counter yet maintain the beauty of any such expensive countertop for only a fraction of the cost.

3. Tile Counter Tops

Tile counter tops are very cost-efficient and most homeowners can easily afford them. Due to their scratch and heat resistant qualities, these are very very easy to keep up. Ceramic, porcelain and stone are some of the varieties of tiles that are available to pick from.

4. Wood Counter Tops

Classy in design because of their carvings, wood counter tops are highly popular among interior design professionals. If you fancy a welcoming and warm effect in the decor of your kitchen you can opt for countertops like the butcher block, and refinish them when the wood loses its polish and luster.

5. Stainless Steel Counter Tops

Stainless steel countertops are quite well-liked in homes with ultramodern designs. Durable, long-lasting and ultra easy to take care of, these are a great pick for any kitchen.

Which one of the different types of kitchen countertops would look best in your kitchen? Visit for more information about the various styles such as the quartz, laminate, Corian and stainless steel countertops.


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