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Residential Garage Doors: Make the Right Choice for Your Home

A garage door can often be overlooked as not that vital, but do so at your own risk. Not only that it can enhance your properties looks but it is also should afford you security for your home and your family. For these reasons alone you should know about some new enhancements to residential garage doors.

Garage doors are constructed a lot better nowadays than they have ever been in the past. When it comes to choosing the right one can be quite confusing as there are quite a few different designs available to choose from. There are sectional, roller, up and over’s and side hinged doors.

One of the more well loved types of garage door is the roller type. This type of door has a drum that is normally found just above the doors opening space. Once the door is opened it is stored in the drum along the route of the rollers.

Sectional doors and roller doors are very similar in construction with the exception that sectional type do not have rollers; again another very well loved choice with homeowners. Both these types of residential garage doors the sectional and the roller use up very small space. When your car is parked in the garage the doors can close flush to the car’s rear end or front depending how you park, this is why so many people choose these types of door.

Up-and-over doors need space to operate as they tend to go outwards first when being opened before they come to rest along the garage ceiling. Because of the way these doors work and the way in which they are installed they do tend to need that small extra space to function in. Although not as simple as those already mentioned they are not too hard one you have become used to them.

The most basic of all residential garage doors in design is the side hinged door. These are the more conventional type door. Side hinged doors will normally have just a locking device in the center of the two doors and maybe two locking bolts on the interior. This kind of door is normally found more in rural areas rather than in city type homes. Because of their design they do require quite a bit of space in which to open properly thus making them an unsuitable choice for people that live in densely populated areas and small space.

Whilst design is vital something else that needs just as much attention is the material that residential garage doors are made from. The material a door is constructed from can affect how the door functions. In days gone by garage doors were nearly always made from wood. Nowadays with the call for less expensive options materials such as metals, fibreglass and synthetics are being used. All of these materials have led to less expensive doors that function better, need less maintenance and are a lot more secure than the older types of residential garage doors.


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