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New 420D model from Freeze Master

New 420D model from Freeze Master


A major update intended to supersede the extremely successful 350D.






The Plumbing, Heating and Ventilating area of the construction industry is probably the most affected by metal price increases suffered during the past three years.  It is obvious therefore that tools and machinery manufactured for this sector would be affected too.  Manufacturers are striving to absorb and keep down costs wherever possible.


One such company is Freeze Master Ltd manufacturer of electric pipe freezing machines used throughout the industry.




Freeze Master looked at their model 350D, a tried and trusted model that has been acknowledged as setting the industry standard for many years.  And although there have been several internal technical improvements over the years the 350D had not changed much externally.  Changes in legislation combined with increasing material costs would result in major internal modifications.




Rather than simply keep improving the 350D, Freeze Master decided to take the opportunity to bring forward a completely new model, the 420D, with many new features that would not have been possible in a simple upgrade.




The chassis was given a major redesign and alteration in layout and several parts were modified or substituted with the latest versions.  Updated electrical components were sourced for the patented electronic refrigerant delivery system.




The 420D aluminium heads & reducers have a smart silver anodised finish.  They retain the original patented features but are designed to fit straight onto 42mm pipes with reducer fittings to suit and the fixing screw changed to M6 thread.  Compatibility with earlier models is retained by utilising the 35mm fitting.




The 420D is distinguished by its all new silver case and includes a new ergonomically designed lay flat handle. An easy access storage compartment for reducers to freeze 8mm to 42mm runs along the top rear. The 420D case body has three openings where hoses and mains lead can be slotted so the machine can be used with the lid closed.




The 420D has new multilayer hoses with fittings and manifold attachments designed for the latest demands in cryogenic apparatus.  Spare reducer screws are supplied and stored in two panel fixings between the hose positions.




Assembly of the 420D is carried out with the same strict attention to quality and control inculcated in the former design resulting in a performance machine that can freeze 42mm copper pipes up to 25% faster.




All machines are supplied with the recently invented Bungee Clamps making them the most versatile to fit, freeze cream, insulating towels and gloves.




Freeze Master have managed to provide all of these improvements yet keep the price the same as the previous model.  Available in 240V or 110V.  The 420D will set the new industry standard long into the future.


Enquiries to reader reply number (or Tel 020 8205 7672).














 Freeze Master Ltd, Unit A1 Connaught Business Centre, Hyde Estate Road, West Hendon, London NW9 6JL    Tel 020 8205 7672    Fax 020 8205 7674.




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