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Is your Garbage Disposal Clogged? Prior to calling a plumber check these 3 things first.

Is the garbage disposal clogged?  Don’t be hasty in calling a plumber prior to ticking these off your checklist. On many occasions it is simply ignorance of the owner that causes the blockage and can easily be remedied if you know what to do.

If you call a plumber you will probably be billed for a call out charge on top of whatever works needs to be done, and nine times out of ten the problem is easily rectified with just a little effort and a little know how.

1) Understand how your garbage disposal unit works.

You cannot just drop anything into your waste disposal unit. Doing this will either block it or damage it forever. Mashable food waste only should go in and nothing harder as that will cause damage. Plastic, metal and bones should not be put in.

2) If the machine is Stuck
For a garbage disposal clogged inside, you should buy the recommended tool that is U shaped at one end. You push this down inside the machine and it fits over the blades. Give it a gentle crank to release the blades and then run as normal. Alternatively your waste disposal unit may have a spot underneath where you can insert an Allen key to release the blade.

3) When your pipes are blocked.
Is your garbage disposal clogged, but it is turning ok? The next place to check is if the pipes are blocked. If your pipes were installed correctly you will see a U bend which will be have connections at either side of it. Most blockages are in this U bend so by disconnecting one of the ends you will be able to remove what is in there.

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