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Infrared Heating Systems Can Save You Money

Using Infrared Heaters to (warm|heat up|warm up|heat} your premises is a great idea because they not only look amazing , but they are energy savers too. With all of todays latest equipment infrared warming is really bleeding edge.

Instead of using up tons of fuel warming all the space around a person and the whole room , infrared technology warms objects only. It works just the same way as sunlight does. Have you ever been out on a sunny day, you’re standing in the sun and feeling its warmth, but as soon as a cloud emerges to shade the sun it suddenly goes really cold? This is because the infrared rays of the sun are heating objects and not the air around a person. Its very clever.

The result is that this method is very cheap and you still feel snug and warm.

Infrared heating panels look a bit like a flat screen TV, so they look {good|stylish|attractive| and they don’t take up loads of room. If space is a big issue then Infrared heating is a great choice as you can suspend them from the ceiling too.

Infrared Heaters are fairly new to the marketplace, but what are they? How are they energy savers? and do they really work?

We took a look at a few models to test them and see how effective they where.

First impressions of them are good, they look really good , slimline and stylish. In fact if you where tight for space in your house then infrared heating would probably be a great solution for you, they can even be fitted to the ceiling, and are very innovative. They don’t need to be professionally fitted or need major rewiring or plumbing to install them, in fact putting them in place is easy.

We flipped one on in our cold room on a cold morning and where pleasantly surprised. Sitting in the room you could instantly feel the radiant heat emanating from the panel. We found it to be very effective. For larger rooms you will need a couple of infrared heating panels.

Overall they look great and do the job – so a thumbs up from us!


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