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If My 13 Year Old Know This Much About Solar Panels, You Should As Well

Many people make big mistakes when it comes to solar panels. Don’t make such mistakes. For example, please, don’t install your solar panel facing straight up into the sky. To catch the best of the sun’s ray, you need to angle it the right way. That would depend on where you live relative to the sun at high noon. If you are in the northern hemisphere, you have to point the solar panel south. If you are in the south, you have to point it north. Geography has put its foot down and insisted that you cannot do it any other way.

You can’t have a flat plate solar panel without a rock bed. It needs to be either that, or a well-insulated water storage tank that will serve as an energy storage medium for the contraption. But for night applications, a battery is way better. You should keep that information on hand for when you install your own solar panel.

You might not have known about this, but solar panels can also be used in applications such as air conditioning and central power generation. The flat plate collector types are not ideal for this, which is why more complex solar panels are being developed all the time. The objective is really to make them cheaper and easier to install and operate.

There are various types and sizes of solar panels in use today. Some are really small and may only be used in small home applications. Some are large enough to be used in some industrial relevance, and a third type is used to power space stations. Now those are indeed large; I have not seen any first-hand, but I have heard that some of them are about the size of a football field.

When you need a lot of energy to be consumed at once, one must admit that solar panels are not quite there yet. In this day and age, their use is still limited in many ways because they cannot produce the energy that burning fuels can. But that is sure to change a lot sooner than later. You’ll see.

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