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{How to Care For | Proper Care and Maintenenance Of} Old Trampolines

Your exercise trampoline can be a costly item, so it is quite essential to take good care of it. If you have an old trampoline in use, all the more reason why you should take the time to inspect the unit and its trampoline replacement parts regularly. The safety of you or your children using the unit could be in your hands.

First and foremost, don’t wait until your trampoline is broken and all worn out. Proper maintenance and cleaning lengthens the lifespan of your trampoline and its accessories. You should take some steps to prevent early wear and tear. For instance, ask the kids to avoid sitting or standing on the frame pads. Avoid employing chemicals to clean your frame pads. When anchoring your trampoline, make sure you don’t tie your pads too tight, as strong winds can pull out the pads and eventually the straps. If you have a trampoline enclosure net, raise the skirt where the poles are. If the pole is positioned against the skirt, there will be too much pressure on the pads and this can make the skirt seams tear. Keep you pets away from the unit.

When cleaning an old trampoline, use only warm, soapy water. Always make sure to dry your trampoline fully before using again or storing. Properly storing your trampoline is very important especially if your trampoline is already very old. Store in a dry plastic container. If your trampoline is still wet and you store it, it could develop molds.

If your mat is ripped, sew or patch it up if the rip is minute. However, if there’s considerable damage, replace the entire mat with a new one. Replace any broken spring. It is possible to buy a whole kit that will help you completely revamp an old trampoline. You’ll be able to find these kids online.


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