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Home Heating Options

With the price of heating a residence so high, now and again the only thing you can do is lower the thermostat and put on warmer clothing. Then again, there are a number of things you can do to help in keeping your home wonderfully warm and save money on heating costs. Just abide by these few tips to have the a warm house and a fuller wallet.

First of all, make your house as energy efficient as possible.  Even tiny cracks and spaces can let heat from your house to get out and chilly air from outside can enter. Take a look at the weather stripping around all the windows and doors and replace any that demonstrates extreme signs of wear. Make sure that you have enough insulation in the attic and basement or crawl space. You can lose quite a lot of heat through those locations. What about the electric outlets on outside walls? Individuals don’t realize the bitter breeze that can seep through those. Go into a room and put your hand close to an outlet that is on an outside wall, you will most likely feel a flow of air.  Most house improvement stores stock foam gaskets or sealers that are made to go behind the outlet plate. These insulators will help keep the drafts out..

When you consider losing heat in a house, you frequently think of windows first and for good reason. If your windows constantly appear drafty you can put thick, plastic tarps around them from either the outside or inside to prevent cold breezes.  If you can’t put sheeting up, you might consider insulated window coverings. But keep in mind that these treatments are only effective when they are covering the window, so you will have to keep them closed most of the time.

Give your furnace a tune up! Even if your furnace boasts high efficiency, if it isn’t cared for well you will not get the full benefit of that efficiency score.  Keep the filters changed so dust and grime don’t build up. You should also have an expert heating service provider give your furnace a check up before winter weather sets in, this will help insure that it gives you the most for your money.

Do you plan that your furnace will be your only choice for heating your house? You don’t need to use your furnace as your single heat source. Heating fuel is far to expensive for that. If you have an energy efficient gas fireplace, you can turn the thermostat down and permit the heat from the fireplace heat some parts of your house. Modern versions of gas fireplaces are more efficient than some furnaces so this is an alternative to investigate. You can also make use of a wood burning stove or fireplace. There are limitations in some cities opposed to burning wood since it affects air quality. Check with the laws in your area before you start a fire.

Space heaters are an added way you can save on your heating expenses. With space heaters you can warm up only the rooms you use. Space heaters are becoming more efficient all the time. There are electric infrared heaters that will heat a small home for just a pennies per day. These energy efficient heater styles are constructed so safe that you can use them around pets and children without concern.

Frosty weather doesn’t have to empty your billfold. With a little research and planning you can keep your home cozy and warm, but still have money left for fun!

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