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General contractor Miami

The recent slump in the real estate industry of the United States has made homeowners in Miami to give their homes a facelift instead of selling it and buying a new one. Whether to renovate or add to their homes, homeowners need General Contractor Miami to oversee the process and to make sure that it is being carried out in compliance with State laws and follow the construction plan. Although there are convenient do-it-yourself stores for hardware, sometimes it is best to leave the heavy work to the professionals if the job to be done is beyond the level of expertise. This is where General contractor Miami come in.


            A general contractor may be a group or a person who contracts and communicates with other organizations, groups, or an individuals (the owners) prior to the building process, renovation, demolition, or creation of structure. The work of a general contractor is all-encompassing and is considered as unlimited because of the countless responsibilities he must carry out. He is the main signatory in the contract as the builder of a construction and is responsible for finding the means and methods related to the construction process and makes sure that everything goes in accordance with the contract documents. Contract documents include important papers such as contract agreement, the budget plan, general and special conditions, other plans, specifications of the project such as a design plan (drafted by the architect). He is practically the all-around person who foresees the dynamics of the  construction by being the project engineer or project manager.


            The general contractor is responsible for managing the supplying of all material, labor, and equipment (including engineering vehicles and tools) that are vital components of construction. He foresees the subcontracting of other people or groups that specialize in the work.


            General contractors are defined differently by law depending on the State but generally, the work responsibilities they carry out include the following: to bid; negotiate with vendors or other companies who offer their services to construct; they supervise the construction process to see if the plan is being carried out properly; they monitor the construction process to make sure that the construction is right on schedule; they direct people involved in the construction process to make sure there is progress and compliance with the plan; they oversee demolition of structures, as well as take care of furnish labor, and etc.


            There are different types of contractors according to areas of specialization. Such contractors are 1. building contractor, 2. electrical contractor, 3. plumbing contractor, 4. mechanical contractor, 5. environmental contractor, and 6. highway contractor.


            If you are shopping for General Contractor Miami, there are qualifications to look for. General contractors, to be allowed to practice in Florida, are required to pass a certification examination, meet specified educational requirements, demonstrate capability to handle finances, and obtain workers compensation and general liability insurance coverage.


            Verification of general contractors in Miami is also possible through the website in order to be sure that the GC is certified with an occupation code that begins with letter “C” and that the GC is truly licensed.

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