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Dealing With Problems In Basement Designs

There are numerous basement designs available, but the problem lies in putting them together to create a unique and balanced place. Many DIY homeowners are faced with several dilemmas when it comes to basement design. Lets get to know what these problems are and how we can solve them.

Basement lighting is one point of consideration. Flush mounted ceiling fixtures make low basement ceilings appear lower. A good solution for this is by employing alternative lighting fixtures that do not hang low from the ceiling, such as table lamps, floor lamps and sconces. A solution is also to install fixtures along the perimeter, 12 to 18 inches from the walls.

Your basement design should depend greatly on how you want to use the room. For instance, if you want to have a home entertainment room, you would want it to be unlike a living room or home office. However, most basements are typically dark, and with bluish-white, dim fluorescent lights, you probably would not want to stay in your basement.

The ideal thing to do when it comes to lighting is to incorporate both natural and artificial lighting. To invest in adequate lighting, you may prefer to have an open floor plan, bigger windows and even French doors rather than a solid door. To generate an open floor plan, you may have to get rid of the columns or posts. It may even be necessary to make new walls to conceal supportive columns.

If your basement has not be remodeled in decades, most likely it is still in its typical linoleum and paneling and shag carpet. To step into modern times, you do not really have to rebuild your entire basement from scratch. You could try priming and repainting the wood paneling in the basement as well as apply new flooring right on top of the previous tiles or linoleum.

One common problem in basements is that they are generally small and claustrophobic. There has to be lots of space to make it usable in the long run. But how do we go about this? As long as you use the right furniture pieces and arrange them correctly, you are more likely to end up with a successful remodeling project. Rather than using tons of chairs for seating, why not use a long bench by the wall? A bench could have extra storage underneath to maximize the space even more. You could throw in some pillows to warm up the place. Try arranging furniture away from the center of the basement to create the illusion of space. This will also accommodate for when you invite guests in.

Now lets talk about color. If you are major aim is to alter your dark basement to something more outstanding, choose from basement designs that are full of color. Modern basement designs usually allow for more color as their form are typically simple and utilitarian. Too much bright colors combined with Classical designs could be more of an eyesore.

Use lighter colors for the furniture. For instance, utilize a bright slip cover on an old couch, white wash your dark wood furniture pieces or even employ accent rugs or pillows to enhance the space and provide added texture. There are only a few dilemmas when it comes to basement designs, but several solutions.

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