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5 Steps To Organizing Your Kitchen

Ideas To Help You Organize Your Kitchen

Your property is your first and final destination every day. It is the single place you’re designed to experience a calm and relaxing environment, where you could feel on top of things and at peace. Since your kitchen epitomizes your way of life and puts up with lots of traffic, it is a good idea to maintain this space organized. Here are some ideas that may help you organize your kitchen.

Organizing Your Kitchen – The 5 Steps

1. Make a list. Go through your kitchen and really look and evaluate the things you have there.

  • What do you always use?
  • What will you seldom used?
  • What have you never use?
  • Are there any things that are broken or that no longer function or that you simply don’t want anymore?

Sell, donate, or trash them.

2. Once you have decided what things to keep and get rid of, you will have to consider functionality. Are there certain utensils or appliances or tools that you use on a daily basis? Obviously, it’s best to keep these things readily available so they have easy accessibility. Cooking utensils, as one example, is frequently held in a standing container near your stove or oven other than having to take up valuable drawer space. The number one goal is availability.

3. It is sometimes useful to think of the different areas within your kitchen as zones. Each zone accommodates certain activities or functionalities like meal-planning, baking, cooking food, serving or storage, and there’s often some cross-over in the use of these zones. What will be the essential items that are used in each one of these zones? Is it possible to properly store them near these zones? Always consider the kitchen flow and convenience before you organize your kitchen. Make sure you place the dishes close to the sink, or to include the stove close to the counter for simple serving. The whole thing would depend upon you.

4. Next, clean out everything from the drawers and cabinets. Group like items with like items. As an example, place glassware with glassware, plastic containers with plastic containers, pots and pans with pans and pots, knives with knives, and etc. If you have not successfully purged all items in previous steps, set aside whatever you find that is broken or no longer useful or no longer desired. Sell, donate or trash these things. The same thing is valid for items in your pantry and refrigerator and freezer.

5. Now it’s time to place things. This is where we keep in mind the zones in the kitchen and the items often used within them. Also, be sure to place the things which interact near each other. As an example, pots, pans, spatulas, whisks and ladles need to be placed nearby the stove; bowls, mixers and measuring cups ought to be in your baking zone near to the oven. Small appliances, sharp tools and cleaning chemicals should really be placed in properly secured storage areas when not being used so that children cannot reach them and perhaps harm themselves. Infrequently used utensils and tools need to be put on top shelves. When it comes to the pantry, group canned vegetables together by vegetable type, soups with soups, rice and grains with other rice and grains, breakfast cereals along with other breakfast cereals, snacks with snacks, etc.

Organizing Your Kitchen Makes Life Easier And Less Stressful

Organizing your kitchen space is going to make life easier for you and a bit less stressful. Assigning a work space for everything can help you find what you really are trying to find as it’s needed, thus helping you save time and effort. Developing a neat and effectively organized kitchen makes your tasks flow more smoothly and all the more enjoyable for you to prepare and share those delectable home-cooked meals with your family.

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