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3 Bedroom Full Refurbishment

On the 20th of November 2010 we started a total refurbishment on a 3 Bedroom House in NW10 just off the North Circular near Brent. This is quite a spacious house but has been totally untouched since the 1960s. This will be a sympathetic refurbishment with lots of original features reinstated.

Click an photo thumbnail below to see a full size image and start a slide-show (click to the left or the right of the big picture to move on to the next.)

Before Starting the Refurb Photos

London Refurbishments Bedroom 1 NW10 London Refurbishments Bedroom 2 NW10
London Refurbishments Lounge 1 NW10 London Refurbishments Lounge 2 NW10
London Refurbishments Bathroom NW10 London Refurbishments Kitchen NW10
London Refurbishments Hallway and Stairs London Refurbishments Under Stairs Cupboard

As can be seen this is a major London Refurbishments Project.
Keep checking back to see updated photos as the work progresses and they become available.

After Refurbishment Photos

coming soon…..

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